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Top tips for making an editorial calendar

15 / 02 / 2018

Are you new to blogging? Or, perhaps you’ve just lost your blogging mojo? It’s OK, you’re not alone. At one stage everyone has missed a blog post deadline, or felt overwhelmed even choosing what to write about. The answer to all of your blogging problems is an editorial calendar. An efficient calendar ensures that you keep to a schedule, delivers helpful reminders for upcoming projects, and allows you to easily see what tasks are due and when.

No matter what industry you’re in, your blog must always be filled with relevant content that’s published and shared consistently.

Blog Goals

Giving your blog purpose is essential to its success; your aim is to attract traffic by writing and sharing content that is targeted to your readers. Have you found your niche yet? These questions will help you to identify what your blog is about, and who will be reading it.

What does your blog specialise in? At Citrus, our answer would be content writing and social media for estate agents.

What topics will your blog cover? We cover tips, advice and news on content writing, social media platforms, and the property market.

Who are you writing for? We write for estate agency owners and those working in the property industry.

Ensuring that your content is based on your answers will mean that your blog is focused on what your readers are looking for.

Your next goal is to decide how often you would like to produce new content. Be realistic about how much you can write each week or month, remember: it’s about quality, not quantity.

Blog Ideas

If you’re anything like us, ideas will pop into your head at the strangest times! Andrea wrote a blog post once called ‘The one thing you should never be without’ where she shares her advice to always keep a notebook close by for exactly those moments. You might be struck by inspiration for content ideas for your blog at the supermarket, or in your sleep; try to capture them by writing them in your trusty notepad, or by using the many apps available on your smartphone. There are no bad ideas, so write everything down, you never know how they could be used.

Blog Type

Have you thought about the different types of content that you might produce? You don’t just have to stick to writing, you might want to consider videos, infographics, or guides. When using your calendar you should remember that different types of blog post will demand more or less of your time. For example, writing a short blog of 500 words will take up less time than creating an infographic, and a video may be even quicker to produce. You know your capabilities and limitations, so be realistic about how long each type of blog post will take you to create.

Blog Tools

When you’re ready to put your planning into action there are several editorial calendar tools to choose from. Compared to when we first started blogging most online calendars now also come with smartphone apps, meaning you can keep track of everything in one place and take it with you wherever you go. We have used Trello in the past, however, you may prefer to try Google Docs, Social Cast or ToDoist.

Now that you have goals and ideas for your blog, and have chosen your editorial calendar tool, you’re ready to start organising your blog. Be realistic, honest and productive and you will produce a blog filled with relevant, consistent content that your readers will love! Don’t forget to also share your blog posts regularly on your social media platforms.


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