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How to become an industry leader through content marketing

22 / 01 / 2018

Many of you will remember a time when estate agents only had window displays and sections in the local paper to advertise their properties and services, but to be an industry leader today you must also be visible on social media platforms and digital channels. As an estate agent you’re not just selling houses, you’re sharing market news and offering advice that goes beyond just the property market industry. You’re not only knowledgeable of finances, government news, legislation and so on, you are sharing this important content to a sea of clients and customers. This has led to property experts and estate and lettings agencies becoming a surprising force in terms of marketing content.

In the past, to build trust with customers, agencies would use rely on referrals and reviews, but now you can establish yourself as an industry leader through content marketing. To connect with your customers and nurture them to generate sales you must have a social and digital presence. Whether you’re on Facebook or publish a blog on your website, you need to ensure that you improve and develop your content to continue to reach out to your potential customers and beyond.

This is what your competitors are doing, and you now can join them:

Stay ahead of the game

If you follow any of the top property portals or online magazines you will see that they focus on what the future holds by predicting trends that will impact their clients. Although it’s important to share content for today, it’s even better to offer an insight into future concepts too. For example, in addition to sharing the “Reasons to live here” articles, you will win over readers by also sharing content like, “Reasons why you’ll wish you bought here in 5 years’ time.”

Buyers, sellers, landlords and tenants are constantly being told what’s happening in the property market right now, but what about the future? They would also appreciate your advice on what’s going to happen in the next six, twelve and eighteen months. Staying ahead of the market trends allows you to share your insight into what’s to come, not only for the property industry as a whole but for the market in your specific area.

Know your clients’ needs

With the help of your current customers, including vendors, buyers and landlords you have the opportunity to discover the biggest problems that they are currently facing. Through conversations, surveys or just listening to each person who steps through your door, you can identify issues that they are experiencing and craft content addressing these issues, providing valuable advice to others who are likely facing similar problems.

For example, when you receive feedback after a viewing, are there any common objections that seem to put off potential buyers? You could use these objections to offer advice for sellers, for example, “10 mistakes you could be making when selling your home”. Anticipating your clients’ needs and providing answers to problems they didn’t even know they had will ensure that you are creating and sharing relatable and valuable content.

Know about industry tools

Something that’s important to everyone and never changes is how much something costs. You may already offer tools on your website to calculate mortgages, stamp duty or the value of a property, but the overall market has so much more for you to cover. From moving rates to renovation expenditures, to the costs of running a home, there are endless opportunities for you to offer help, advice and estimating tools for all of these services. Who wouldn’t appreciate their estate agent trying to save them money?

You don’t need excessive marketing budgets to become an industry leader and an agent of influence in your area. Content marketing provides you a way to reach a wider and more diverse audience than ever before. Your business is a wealth of stories just waiting to be written – don’t wait for your competitor to get there first.


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