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The one thing you should never be without

The one thing you should never be without

07 / 06 / 2017

I have an overactive imagination. As a child I would often be caught staring into space – or was I just in another place, or another time? Although having a vivid imagination as a child was often seen as a bad thing, as an adult and writer it is an asset, but only if you know how to tame it.


When I sleep I have incredible dreams; they are vivid, full of characters, detailed storylines, and sometimes there are even sequels! Sleeping, for me, is like a production studio churning out movie after movie, so each night I get to go on a new adventure.


Whilst enjoying these movies an idea for a piece of content can jump out at me, and I find myself writing in my mind, editing and crafting the first paragraph with such flair that I actually impress myself. As the sun begins to rise and I start to awaken, the content is fresh in my mind – but then life starts, my son is awake needing breakfast, and my thoughts turn to the things I need to do to get him off to school.


Finally, as I sit at my desk, I try and put pen to paper, but the carefully and well-crafted piece of content I dreamed of is no longer fresh in my mind. And, as client needs take priority and I’m swept away, before I know it, it’s hard to even recollect the idea of the piece at all. But then again, who does remember their dreams?


Content ideas can spring upon us anytime, and any place; we are not always ready to act on them, so how can we ensure that we don’t lose them forever?


From early on in my blogging days I realised that the one thing I could never be without is a notebook.


This advice may be simple, but it’s incredibly effective.


Andy Overman was one of my How to Rock Your Blog beta members. He called me one night to tell me he had spontaneously had a content idea when leaving the office. As he is a good student, he had a notebook to hand, and he sat down and got all of his notes onto the page. Before he knew it, he had written a rough draft of a blog post.


“When you said to have a notebook on you at all times I didn’t realise how vital it would be,” Andy told me.


Content is everywhere; you can’t plan when inspiration will strike, but you can be prepared for when it does. Notebooks come in all shapes and sizes, and having one on hand will mean you never lose a great idea.


Your blog will flourish if you always have a notebook by your side.

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